Creative Healing

Come and see the two new sculptures that I created

Lia Strell is an artist, film maker and activist. She also feels a deep connection to nature and gardens; the rich soil, edible profusion, and sustainable seeds.
As a child she dreamed of being an artist and a biologist.
Her life's work has brought together the environmental sciences with the creative process.
She began painting at six years old. She studied ceramics and sculpture as a university student. In the 1990's after college, Lia was fascinated with marble and spent summers sculpting in Italy, where she created a valued and cherished marble series. Lia's work continues in the metals, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Silver & Gold.

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Ribbon Of Hope

Ribbon of Hope To Inspire
Courage ~ Strength ~ Trust
In those who give and receive care.
Ribbon of Hope stands proudly in the Wolfstein Sculpture Park
Scripps Memorial, La Jolla California
In loving memory of Stanley Gilbert, Lia's father.


Female Energy
High Polished Bronze 22"
As we find our strength,
we are strutting towards
our desired intention.

Energy Jewelry

Infinite Love
Silver Pendant 3”
Love is Limitless


Divine Play
  • Lia does Picasso
  • PicassoAndMe5
  • PicassoAndMe4
  • PicassoAndMe3
  • PicassoAndMe
  • PicassoAndMe2
  • PicassoAndMe6

The Picasso Sculptures are now part of Lia’s story.

It was during the pandemic when Lia's creative transformation took hold. Nature's Relics, Videography and Climate Activism are still so meaningful. With this complex time we are in, Lia seeks to simplify her work with messages of Creative Healing. "I realize I can continue to work in the metals, Produce for the Stage, & also utilize my Foraging Adventure Treasures in my artwork.
Perhaps I can do it all but not all at the same time. This is creative multi dimensionality.