Limited Edition

Garden Energy touches us visually on a harmonious energetic level. Each symbol is secured into natural volcanic rock giving each one a unique twist. The decision to plant in the garden or place in the home, is yours. Inspired by natural movement these symbols represent everyday spiritual moods and feelings. Lia is continually creating new energy symbols, twisting high level ideas into simplified movement. Transparent High Gloss color is Lia's choice finish, Each is specially treated for exterior placement.

  • Driving Me Crazy
  • Holding Hands
  • Lady Bronze
  • Suntan
  • Aqueduct
  • Desert Earth
  • Innerlight
  • The Wave
  • Global Domains
  • Golf Goddess
  • Freedom
  • Award Peter Sprague 2006
  • Bass Wave
  • Probability
  • Truth
  • Wonderment
  • Wonder of Love