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    Creative Bloom
  • pa-CreativeBloom
    Creative Bloom
    "The trick is to make a thousand pounds of steel look light and alive" says Lia Strell. The North County
    Sculptor?s 15 foot metal tree/Bloom A Creative Bloom sprouts out downtown?s Embarcadero across from Grape Street.
    One of 30 Urban Trees commission by the San Diego Port in 2006.
    Deep inside the bloom is a Giant Rose Quartz representing the love spark that ignites passion to create.
    Inside Cover of San Diego?s Home and GardenMagazine 2006
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    Golden Torsion
  • GoldenTorsion1
    Golden Torsion
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    SacredG inkgo
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    Ribbon of Hope
  • pa-RibbonOHope-prayer
    Ribbon Of Hope