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    Creative Bloom
  • pa-CreativeBloom
    Creative Bloom
    "The trick is to make a thousand pounds of steel look light and alive" says Lia Strell.
    This fifteen foot metal tree/bloom "A Creative Bloom" planted downtown along the
    Embarcadero across from Grape Street.
    One of 30 Urban Trees commission by the San Diego Port in 2006.
    Deep inside the bloom is a giant rose quartz representing the love spark which
    ignites passion to create. Inside Cover of San Diego's Home and Garden Magazine 2006
  • pa-GoldenTorsion_fs
    Golden Torsion
  • GoldenTorsion1
    Golden Torsion
  • pa-Sacred_Ginkgo2_fs
    SacredG inkgo
  • pa-roh-BestRibbonHighRes_fs
    Ribbon of Hope
  • pa-RibbonOHope-prayer
    Ribbon Of Hope