• Limited Edition
  • leb_holdhands_fs
    Holding Hands
    high polished bronze 24"
  • leb_ladysunset400_fs
    Female energy
    We strut with courage, towards our intentions
  • Suntan_fs
    Relaxing in the sun
    Gives us energy
  • le-DrivingMeCrazy_fs
    Driving Me Crazy
  • le-waterlife
    Water Life
  • lem_aqueduct_fs
    Italian Aqueduct
  • lem_desert_fs
    Desert Life
  • lem_innerlight_fs
    Inner Light
  • lem_wave_fs
    The Wave
  • lemt-Freedomup_fs
  • lemt-global_fs
    Global Domain
    With Lia Strell
  • lemt-Globalface_fs
    Global Domain
    With Lia Strell
  • lemt-GolfGoddess_fs
    Golf Goddess
  • otw-PeaceLightStrell_fs
    Peace Light
  • otw-PeaceLightLiaStrell500
    Peace Light
    Lia Strell
  • otw-Probability014b_fs
  • otw-ProbabilityA_fs
  • le-SacredGinko-1leaf
    Sacred Ginkgo
    A fallen leaf